Hello World!

  • November 25, 2017
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  • David Weiss

Hello World!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m excited! I’m new at blogging, so if I suck, feel free to tell me how to suck less. 😊

Let’s kick things off with a confession, shall we? Here goes: I am a bona fide idiot.

Buying and selling real estate is my business. I have a family to support and if I’m not buying property then the kids ain’t eating. I should probably be blogging about what a great guy I am for you to sell a house to, right?

Instead, I’ll share strategies on avoiding foreclosure. That’s right—I’m going to spill secrets and reveal information designed to help people stop foreclosure and therefore not need to sell me a house. Crazy, huh?

I will also share things we all need to know, everything from how to avoid con artists across the nation and right here in Dallas-Ft.Worth who prey on homeowners to tips on how to improve credit scores so you can refinance. And I’ll mix things up by sharing true stories about some of the many crazy situations I come across as a real estate professional.

Please comment! Let others benefit from your insights. Make us smile with your funny thoughts. Share your reactions to what I write.

And don’t forget, if this sounds cool or useful, please bookmark and contribute. (If it sucks too bad, you can always unbookmark.) Thanks for reading!!

David Weiss

I help people solve real estate-related problems with an emphasis on helping folks avoid foreclosure. I've been a real estate professional since 2013.

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