Random Topic: Maximize Your Loan Mod’s Odds

The worst thing about Loan Modifications is that they can be declined. However, there are things you can do to increase your odds of being approved. Here’s a step-by-step plan for doing so. Time is of the essence, so start immediately: If you aren’t very familiar with loan modifications, read my blog post on the […]

Stop Foreclosure Strategy: Short Sales

Hello World! Since short sales featured prominently in the blog post about the scam two of my clients suffered (link), let’s examine this foreclosure prevention strategy. (Disclosure: short sales are a service Uplift DFW offers.) Housing markets sometimes go down. Houses sometimes fall into disrepair. Either could cause your house to be worth less than […]

Random Topic: DIY Credit Repair

Hello World! Let’s discuss one key to making your post-foreclosure world better: credit repair! Everyone knows it’s easy to get loans with good credit and hard with bad credit. But do you know how much money bad credit costs you monthly? It’s staggering: Higher Auto Insurance: Per CNBC, bad credit can raise rates up to […]

Scam Case Study: Terry & Carla

Hello World! Let’s change things up a bit and explore a scam operating in Dallas-Ft.Worth. Meet Carla and Terry: Terry’s a minister by vocation and Carla validates medical credentials. Terry’s church closed after several years, cutting the family income in half. Home repairs and house payments fell behind. Foreclosure loomed and offers to buy their […]

Stop Foreclosure Strategy: the Loan Modification

Hello World! Let’s look at a popular strategy for stopping foreclosure: the Loan Modification (aka “Loan Mod”). (This post is to help you understand options to avoid foreclosure. This isn’t a service Uplift DFW offers.) Loan modifications can stop foreclosure by taking care of back payments (called “arrearage”), lowering your monthly payment, or both. This […]

Stop Foreclosure Strategy: the Deed-In-Lieu

Hello World! As promised, let’s discuss a strategy to stop foreclosure: the “Deed-in-Lieu” (aka “DIL”). (This post is to help you understand options to avoid foreclosure. Uplift DFW does not offer this service.) “Deed-in-Lieu” is short for “Deed in lieu of foreclosure” which means giving ownership of the property to the bank in order to […]

Hello World!

  • November 25, 2017
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  • David Weiss

Hello World! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m excited! I’m new at blogging, so if I suck, feel free to tell me how to suck less. 😊 Let’s kick things off with a confession, shall we? Here goes: I am a bona fide idiot. Buying and selling real estate is my business. I have […]