Our Foundation: Foreclosure Prevention

We understand that life can change due to illness, unemployment, divorce or other hardships. In such times, the last thing you need is the extra stress caused by foreclosure. A foreclosure is one of the worst marks you can have against your credit, damaging your financial well-being for 7 years. Whether you want to keep your home or free yourself from a house you can no longer afford, we can help you stop your foreclosure. It’s why Uplift DFW was founded.

Expanded Services: Purchasing Program

Sometimes when financial circumstances change, a house can transform from a dream-come-true to a living nightmare, trapping families into bad financial situations. Sometimes the best solution is to sell before things go from bad to worse. Selling on the open market takes time and requires a property that’s in good shape. If you don’t have both of these things, call us. We bring solutions to homeowners.

You Are Not Alone

More than a million Americans have experienced serious financial hardship in recent years. We understand firsthand what it’s like to struggle through hard times, and we know that even temporary hardships can have long-lasting effects on credit.

Our foreclosure prevention manual is thorough and helpful. It explains every option available without bias so you can make the best choices for you. Knowledge is power, and our goal is to empower you at a time when you might otherwise feel powerless.

And our purchasing program is there for anyone who needs to escape from a bad situation but doesn’t want to deal with a shady investor.

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