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Who We Help

Bad things happen to good people. Job loss, divorce, lost loved ones and serious medical issues--all of these life events cause not only emotional turmoil but financial turmoil as well. Uplift DFW was founded to help bring real estate solutions to people facing some of the most serious and stressful problems of their lives.

  • We provide free education services that cover a variety of topics such as:
    1. How to avoid the scam artists that prey on people right here in Dallas/Ft.Worth.
    2. How to connect with community resources that can help you solve problems.
    3. How to decide if bankruptcy would do more good than harm.

  • We offer free one-on-one counseling to empower you to make the smartest decisions possible.

  • We buy real estate from people who want or need to sell. When we buy:
    1. You don't have to worry about the paperwork. We'll handle the paperwork because you don't need more hassles.
    2. You don't need to clean or repair anything.  Let us take care of those things for you.
    3. You don't pay any closing costs.  We pick up the tab because you don't need more expenses.
    4. You can choose when you close.  Sometimes speed is of the essence. Sometimes you'll want to delay as long as possible. We'll close on your schedule.
    5. You won't need a realtor.  No open houses. No showings. No delays waiting to see if it sells. And no big commissions to pay.
    6. You'll get other benefits nobody else offers.  We want to help, because people are more important than property. Call for details.

We prioritize people over profits and embrace integrity and empathy as the best way to help our clients.

It's just the right thing to do.


  • You guys are true angels. Thank you for reaching out to me. I am so happy I met you.

    Melissa E., Grand Prairie
  • Thank you for helping us avoid foreclosure. I don't know what we would've done without you.

    Carla G., Crowley
  • Sorry my emotions got the best of me there, dude. Thank you for sticking with me and your patience and understanding.

    Ray G., Crowley
  • We didn't even know we were facing foreclosure before you showed up. We thought the people we were working with from California had it all under control. I can't believe we paid them all that money and they were not even talking to our bank! Because of you we were able to save our house. Thank you, God bless you, thank you so much!

    Constanza R., Bedford
  • Thank you, David. You've been a bright spot to a tired old fireman.

    Carl H., Cedar Grove
  • David you are a scholar and trustworthy and I appreciate it. Thanks.

    Henry T., Richland Hills
  • You obviously have a gift for working with these types of situations. Thank you for your hard work. Bless you!

    Carla P., Fort Worth

More Waiting = Fewer Options!

You need to take action without delay. Here is just one example why:
Texas law only requires banks to give 21 days notice that your property is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction. Yet some banks will not accept applications for foreclosure alternatives like short sales within the last 30 days before an auction.

You could be passing deadlines and not even know it. Don't wait - TAKE ACTION TODAY!

About Us

Hi, my name is David and my wife Janna and I founded Uplift DFW. How we got inspired to do this is kind of an interesting story.

At one point Janna got a job working for a real estate guy. He bought houses at low prices from people facing foreclosure, then he'd rent the house to the sellers until they could buy it back. I thought Janna's new boss had a great business model--until we learned that shortly after buying he'd kick out the tenants and sell the house at full price for a handsome profit. Needless to say my wife quit and fortunately, the FBI caught up with this scam artist.

We decided we wanted to legitimately help people solve their real estate problems. We started off by buying property from people who needed to avoid foreclosure. Then we branched out by offering free education and one-on-one counseling (because there are more ways to stop foreclosure than just selling). Finally, we branched out again and now help anyone who is having financial challenges around real estate--inheritance issues, divorce, medical issues, job loss, getting scammed or anything else.

We'll provide free education services to anyone in America. If you're in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area we will offer free one-on-one counseling. And finally, if you have a house you need to sell fast and/or is too beat up or underwater to sell on the open market, I will make you a no-obligation offer.

It's what Uplift DFW was founded to do.

Our Team

David Weiss

David Weiss

    David is a husband, father of two and grandfather of one. He was born in Indiana, graduated from the University of Illinois and has been a north Texan for two decades. When not involved in real estate or spending time with his family, he enjoys watching mixed martial arts (he used to be an instructor), movies and pretending he can play the guitar.

    Janna Weiss

    Janna Weiss

      Janna is a wife, mother of two and grandmother of one. She is a native Texan, attended Navarro College and has been a north Texan virtually her entire life. When not involved in real estate, she enjoys movies, raising exotic and non-exotic pets with one of her children and spoiling her handsome grandson Aiden (also pictured).

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